What Are The Prices Of Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gates?

- May 16, 2018-

In the past few years, the domestic door frame metal detector body scanner industry development can be described as very rapid, starting from the security door and other products for independent research and development and production, after more than 10 years of development, in the Chinese market, walk-through security door for security, Anti-theft and other functions of equipment have been developed from the high profits of the year to the current price bottom. The entire security inspection industry will also face continuous reshuffling, measuring the number of employees in the industry from market demand.


Why is the price of metal detection security doors so variable? This is mainly based on the development of the industry and competition to judge, when the industry develops to a certain scale, and the scale of the market has not been correspondingly expanded, it will show a saturation trend. As an ancient economic lever, price will also be adjusted automatically based on market supply and demand.

How do domestic arch metal detector price markets change? Archway metal detector security door how to choose cost-effective?


There are more and more kinds of metal detection doors on the market, both domestic and imported. Of course, prices will not be uniform, there are also cheap and expensive. However, regardless of the price, the main factors affecting the price of arch metal detector security doors are: brand, function, and after-sales service.


Affect the walk-through security doors price factor 1: brand


With regard to the brand of metal detection doors, the domestic industry is still dominated by imported brands, supplemented by domestic brands, the function and stability of imports are naturally higher, but the price is much more expensive, and now the technology of domestic security doors Has been more mature, there are already several good domestic brands for choice, the price should be a lot of benefits, according to actual needs to choose the domestic brand metal detector door or imported brand metal detector door.


Affect the metal security door price factor II: function


The anti-interference ability and stability of metal detection doors: The reason why imported security doors are popular in China is the stability and anti-interference ability of their products. In some large factories, the installation of imported security gates is mainly to prevent the theft of precious metal objects from the factory. Suzhou Ao Teng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. research and development of the latest security doors: AT-1088A metal detection security gate just to meet this need. (1088A metal security door is based on the basic structure of the human body, the detection area of the metal detection door is divided into eighteen overlapped mesh-like detection area, specifically for the detection of controlled cutting tools, guns and other prohibited items and prevent personnel from carrying the production of production plant products out. ), followed by waterproof and waterproof function, because many security inspections are conducted outdoors, it will inevitably encounter bad weather; security door belongs to sophisticated electronic products, security doors with waterproof and waterproof function are more reliable, practical and better. Site restrictions, as long as the power is connected, can be used anywhere.


Affect the metal security door price factor three: after-sales service


The current state is that the price of security doors has been transparent. After the market economy has played, prices have fallen through the bottom of the saturation and mutual competition of employees. It is no longer the high price of 5 years ago or 10 years ago. With the profits The drastic reduction, coupled with the rapid development of the industry, has inhibited the expansion of the industry in the past year, which is also a change in supply demand led by market demand.


Whether it is the service industry, home appliance industry, furniture industry, or security inspection industry. Its after-sales service is very important, there is no good after-sales support, no matter how good the product is useless protection. As a technology-professional device such as a metal detection security door, it is necessary to select a reliable and powerful manufacturer. Once a customer bought a security door at another store, the security door did not take long to have a problem, the customer to find the seller, the seller is not accepted, this customer can only buy one again. This shows how important it is to choose a reliable manufacturer.