What Are The Precautions For The Use Of The Luggage X-ray Security Inspection Machine?

- Oct 21, 2019-

X-ray security machine is the abbreviation of channel luggage X-ray security machine. X-ray penetration imaging technology is used. It belongs to class III ray device. Theoretically, it has a small amount of battery radiation. We often see in the subway, station, airport security check machine are through strict design and protection measures, to ensure that the radiation leakage dose is within the safety standard. Here, I would like to tell you the following points in the installation and use of the security inspection machine:


1. Selecting the security inspection machines that meet the national standards produced by regular manufacturers, there will be potential hazards if there is a single manufacturer who steals work and materials or fails to pass the technical standard in order to reduce the cost.

2. To select a dry and ventilated environment for installation, professional technicians are required to conduct installation, startup and commissioning. Ensure all performance indicators meet the requirements. At present, some manufacturers directly deliver goods to be installed by customers themselves, which leads to users' incomplete understanding of the use and maintenance of the security inspection machine and potential safety hazards. Aoteng security inspection machine is installed, debugged and trained by professional technicians.

3. Assign full-time personnel for on-the-job training, strictly implement the post system, and keep irrelevant personnel away from and operate the security inspection machine.

4. The power supply used by the security inspection machine must be grounded properly, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine and personnel.

5. The security inspection machine can only detect parcels, luggage and other non animal or other special items. It is absolutely not allowed to test personnel. Some animals and special objects can be inspected by manual inspection.

6. Do a good job in daily maintenance, wipe dust frequently, and check voltage and various indicators frequently. In case of any abnormal condition, shut down the machine for repair.

7. In case of machine failure, stop the machine immediately and report to the manufacturer for repair. Do not open or dismantle the machine without permission.

8. For the machine that is not used for a long time, it shall be started and operated for a period of time regularly, and cannot be used for a long time.

9. When the security check machine is running, no irrelevant personnel should be near. In case of stuck articles, please press the "emergency stop" switch.

10. In case of any damage to the lead curtain, it is necessary to stop using it in time and let the manufacturer replace it.

11. In case of any abnormal situation, please inform muyuan security inspection manufacturer in time. Don't handle it without permission.

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