What Are The Optimizations Of Food Metal Detector In Meat Detection?

- Jun 10, 2019-

Metal detector is widely used in food industry, but there are many kinds of food and different requirements for detection. Like meat food, it will bring different product effects. What optimization should food metal detector do in meat detection?


Food safety is an area that people pay more and more attention to at present, and the degree of concern for meat safety is also increasing. On the other hand, in order to enhance market competitiveness and obtain green passes to enter the international market, some large meat enterprises pay more and more attention to the implementation of HACCP certification system. Therefore, in order to ensure product quality and enhance customer confidence, food metal detector has become an indispensable equipment for them.

AOTENG has been optimized on food metal detector.

Waterproof and rust-proof: Unlike packaged products, meat products are usually produced in environments with high moisture content, fat, salinity and other rust-prone conditions. Water is often needed to clean the equipment, which requires high requirements for waterproof and rust-proof. So AOTENG chooses stainless steel shell in the whole equipment, and uses polymer and resin to seal water and dust. It also takes many waterproof measures, with IP65 waterproof grade!

Detection accuracy: Because raw meat or meat products are electrical conductors, the product effect will have a greater impact on the detection accuracy of equipment, and will interfere with the normal detection of food metal detector, so the phase adjustment technology is adopted for this situation. This technology can effectively suppress the product effect. At the same time, it is equipped with a variety of frequency parameter settings, which can set the detection parameters according to different product characteristics and improve the detection accuracy.

AOTENG currently has rich experience in the field of food metal detection, and has successfully cooperated with many food enterprises. AOTENG has mature metal detection schemes for different food fields. Welcome customers in need to contact and consult!