What Are The New Requirements For Manufacturers Of X-ray Security Inspection Machines Used In Airports?

- Sep 28, 2020-

In order to maintain the safety of public places, testing equipment is basically installed, and it is installed in stations and some enterprises. In particular, the security inspection requirements at the airport are more stringent, so the production requirements for the security inspection equipment used at the airport are also very high. What are the new requirements for manufacturers of X-ray security inspection machines used in airports?


Not all x-ray security inspection machines produced by manufacturers can be sold to the airport. The airport security inspection is very strict. Therefore, the requirements for the manufacturers' machinery and equipment are also very high. All indicators must be produced and tested in accordance with the standard to meet the standard . For example, X-ray security inspection machine penetration, display images, etc., these must be produced in accordance with standards. What's more important is that no matter which manufacturer or where the security inspection equipment is used, it must be produced in accordance with national radiation standards. If it is not produced in accordance with the standard, the machinery and equipment will cause certain harm to the people around when they are used. So no matter which manufacturer it is, this piece will be produced in strict accordance with the standard. Production equipment that does not meet the standards cannot be shipped.

Manufacturers who can sell their products to airports at present can meet the above standards. It’s not okay to meet the standard, and it needs to be recognized by the country. Only the products produced by the manufacturers with the "Civil Aviation License" can be used in the airport. Products of security inspection equipment manufacturers without a civil aviation license cannot be used in airports.