What Are The Main Advantages Of The Explosive Drug Detection Instrument?

- Mar 05, 2018-

What are the main advantages of the explosive drug detection instrument?


At present, the domestic safety inspection products are widely used, mainly including metal detection, safety inspection, door and channel X ray safety inspection equipment. Portable explosives detector, as a new detection tool, has gradually entered the field of public safety. The use of this product has greatly improved the testing efficiency of dangerous goods and reduced the risk coefficient of public safety.


Portable explosives detector using drugs photoionization high resolution examples of advanced spectrum technology, does not contain radioactive sources, no radiation on the human body, with high detection speed, low sensitivity, low power consumption and other advantages, more importantly, the instrument can accurately detect the black powder, as well as with international civil aviation organization of all explosives and narcotics related.


The products are mainly used in airports, stations, public places and important national defense safety. The five advantages of the portable explosive detector are: no radioactive source, vacuum ultraviolet ionization source, safe use, accurate analysis of explosives and drugs.


The global unique black powder NAC test performance can detect dangerous goods, including fireworks and civilian explosives. The detection and analysis speed is faster than that of similar products. The positive and negative dual mode can be used to detect explosives and drugs at the same time.


The database can be updated at any time by opening the database. It is proud that the product can produce results in one click only in 2 seconds, reflecting the characteristics of modern high-tech safety inspection.