What Are The Important Confidentiality Occasions That Aoteng Mobile Walk Through Security Gate Is Suitable For?

- Aug 07, 2019-

According to statistics from Otten Electronic door frame metal detector Security Gate manufacturer in Suzhou, mobile phone detects security gates. Mobile phone walk through security gates now use more arched security gates. What places are mobile phone archway metal detector suitable for?


Mobile phone security door can accurately detect electronic products such as mobile phones, notebooks, digital cameras, cameras, knives, tin cans, aluminium cans and other contraband items in the boot or shutdown state (including removal of batteries, removal of SIM cards). It can also be prompted in the form of images and text and displayed in the alarm location of human structure. Image capture function of alarm personnel.

1. It is suitable for military secret-related meeting rooms, intelligence rooms, battle rooms and other secret-related places.

2. Prisons are prohibited from carrying mobile phones and other means of communication.

3. Applicable to the courts, airports, conference rooms of large enterprises and other work units which strictly require mobile phone calls.

4. Suitable for test rooms, nuclear power plants, oil depots and other places where mobile phones are banned from shielding electromagnetic waves.

5. Applicable to all other places with mobile communication restrictions.

The above is shared by the manufacturer of Otten Electronic Security Gate in Suzhou. Where is the mobile phone security gate applicable? Hindihao Security Equipment Co., Ltd. not only specializes in the production of mobile phone security gate, but also manages various types of security gate, security check machine, channel gate and other products. The price of mobile phone security gate is welcome to call and consult the security gate manufacturer.