What Are The Functions Of The Door Frame Security Door?

- Apr 19, 2018-

What are the functions of the door frame metal detector security door?


What are the functions of the security door on the market at present? The expert of the electronic security inspection point out: there are many kinds of security door, the function of different price is also very different, the security door is a kind of detecting equipment with or without metal items, also known as metal probe door. In life, security doors are becoming more and more widely used. What are the functions of security check gates? To listen to the Suzhou aoteng electronic security manufacturers to introduce the function of those common metal detector security door:

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1. The security check door looks at the function of metal items.

The stability of walk through security door is mainly, this is the first condition for customers to buy archway security doors. Unstable security doors will constitute a random alarm and leak alarm scene, so that staff members do not agree, the walkthrough metal detectors security gate can not play a real role. Because the sensor (the two side plate of the door) is open to the outside, it can not only transmit electromagnetic waves to the external environment, but also receive electromagnetic waves from the external environment. There are many devices for electromagnetic waves in the external environment, such as high voltage lines, large motors, electric welders, intermediate frequency furnaces, and interphones. Such magnetic fields will disturb and affect the normal detection of the security gate, so that all the security doors will be more or less disturbed by the external environment. A factory with technology dosage can handle the security of the security gate itself and deal with external disturbance, so that the security door is disturbed to a minimum.


2, the radiant function of the arched metal detector security door:

In order to ensure the safety of the inspectors and operators, the magnetic induction intensity of the passing metal probe gate is strictly restrained in the national specification of the general skill specification for the GB15210-2003 pass metal probe door. The relevant technical parameters can be referred to the national standard 4.6.6 "magnetic induction intensity constraints in the detection area", "in the area of the detection area around the divide into the area of the inward 150mm, any point of magnetic induction intensity should not exceed 30 u T". As long as we do not surpass the rules in the specification, we will ensure that personal health is not harmed. Therefore, any security inspection door produced by any enterprise is necessary to strictly enforce the national standards, and the state "the Ministry of public security and police electronic commodity quality inspection center" check the qualification, give instructions to the safety of its electromagnetic radiation, send the certificate, and the local public security department issued a production license accordingly. Therefore, the magnetic induction intensity is lower than the national standard of alert value, which ensures the health and safety of the inspectors and operators.


3, the metal detection role of the security gate selects the same metal sample to detect the security door, and the smaller the missing report, the better.

Conventional security doors should be able to detect all metals (except for special planned detectors), which can be tested by the "sensitivity" standard in the national standard of the GB15210-2003. The metal samples we choose to detect are best contained within the national standard.

The function of metal signal is a symbol of the amount of a metal detector manufacturer. The skilled manufacturer can detect the nonferrous metal and the black metal, and can detect the smaller metal under the condition of good stability, and the sensitivity is very clear. And if the quality of the security door, if the sensitivity is slightly high, no things have gone through the alarm, the sensitivity a little lower, it is necessary for a large number of metals to alarm. This kind of security gate is due to poor performance of internal circuit planning and improper operation. The same metal is chosen by the quizzes to pass through each location from the security door, and to pass the metal in different directions in each location, and select the less reported goods. In order to remove small metals, the sensitivity must be adjusted to suitable positions when large metal is detected.


4, security check door security view function:

Avoid entering with a weapon, using scientific methods to avoid the attack of accidents. The application is public inspection, prison, prison, detoxification, detoxification, government main part, Embassy, army, exhibition, stadium, all kinds of venues, large activities, airports, stations, wharfs and so on.


5, security guard door anti-theft function:

To avoid bringing in the company's goods or metal raw materials and so on, it will ensure the company's industrial safety. The applications are: electronic factory, hardware factory, gold, silver and copper and other rare and precious metals profession, metallurgical profession, pharmaceutical factory and other production raw materials or products containing non-ferrous metal producers.


6, the security check door avoids the function of doing the cheating in the examination:

To prevent candidates from entering the examination room with harmful items such as walkie talkie, cell phones and radio, the purpose of avoiding cheating is avoided. The application situation is: all kinds of examination points.