What Are The Factors Based On The Quotation Of The Walk Through Safety Inspection Door Manufacturer?

- Apr 21, 2018-

What are the factors based on the quotation of the walk through safety inspection door manufacturer?


Abstract: in many large bus stations, railway stations, airports, and some supermarket gates, you can see the figure of the walk through security gate. Safety check doors are mainly protective measures. There are many manufacturers of walk through metal detecotr doors in the market, and the brands are different. Then come and see the relevant knowledge of the security scanner door.


Different requirements, the metal detector security door quotes are also different

The door frame metal detector security gate is mainly made according to the characteristics of people. It can be divided into twelve regional tests in general. And these twelve different regions can be detected simultaneously. Its sensitivity is very high. The twelve different regions can be divided into 255 levels. From the 0-255 level, it can be debugged at any level, because different places, the needs of the arched metal detectors are different, the level of the security gate in different areas is different. Different levels of security door quotes are also very different.


High end security door quotation

For places like airports and high - speed railway stations, people who are in this place are important people, so in order to ensure the safety of the customers, this place is equipped with a high security check door. They are generally equipped with luggage security inspection channel X ray machine, and also used to test whether the person carries dangerous articles. Such a security gate quotes at around two hundred and thirty thousand yuan.


General security check door quotation

For the ordinary supermarket, the main function of the security door is to prevent the goods from being stolen in the supermarket, which is usually about five thousand or six thousand to ten thousand yuan.


Different security application scenarios are different, security door quotes are also different.

For different industries, different fields, installation and use of security doors are also different, so you can choose the brand and function of the security door according to their needs and understand the security door quotation.