What Are The Differences Between Flap Gates And Swing Gates?

- Oct 08, 2019-

In the large family of turnstile gate machines, there are flap gates, swing gates, tripod turnstile gates, speed gates and so on.flap gates and swing gates are the most frequently used of these gates, but they are also the two most easily indistinguishable from customers. It looks similar. This is the first idea of many customers. Today, let our technicians tell you the difference between the flap gate and the swing gate. I hope our introduction can give you some help.

What are the differences between flap gate and swing gate?

Swing gates and flap gates are widely used. In many occasions, there may be a case where swing gates can be used or flap gates can be selected. Users may hesitate to buy switching gates or wing gates. Choosing a gate is the same as shopping. Too many choices sometimes add trouble.


There are many types of swing gates, such as column swing, bridge swing, corner swing, octagonal swing, etc. The material of swing gate is also very abundant, including stainless steel, plexiglass, toughened glass and so on. Generally, stainless steel and plexiglass are the main materials. Because of the high cost of tempered glass manufacturing and the strict requirements of manufacturing technology, few manufacturers produce tempered glass swing gates. Few products are produced unless customers have specific needs. The upper wind of the swing gate lies in the wide range of the passage, which is very suitable for pedestrians carrying baggage and other articles.

There are also many types of flap gates, such as all-high flap gate, automatic ticket checking machines for rail transit, prison flap gates, etc. Nevertheless, many styles of flap gates are used for special occasions. flap gates are usually sprayed with stainless steel or cold plate. The large wing gate is characterized by high speed, beautiful and elegant shape, which is more suitable for the occasion of large traffic.

What are the differences between wing gates and swing gates? The above is our technicians'introduction to this problem. I hope our professionals can help you with your introduction. Finally, if you have any problems with the gate, you can call our hotline to communicate with our staff. They will give you the most professional answers.