What Are The Common Faults Of Automatic Weighing Machine?

- Dec 05, 2019-

What are the common faults of automatic weighing machine?

The automatic weighing machine is a kind of equipment which can judge whether the product is qualified according to the weight of the running product on the high-speed assembly line, and can automatically remove or sort out the unqualified products from the current assembly line. Now it has been adopted by many enterprises, because it is efficient enough! However, some problems will inevitably occur in the operation of the machine. When there are problems, they should be eliminated first and then solved!


For example, when the automatic weighing machine is powered on and the touch screen does not display, it is necessary to check the following problems. For common problems, please refer to the following points:

1. Check whether the power supply is normal and whether the power switch is damaged;

2. Whether the touch screen itself has quality problems;

3. Whether the leakage switch in the electric box trips;

4. Check whether the switch power supply is damaged;

5. Check whether the 24V circuit is short circuited and whether the fuse is burnt;

When the automatic weighing machine is newly purchased, it is necessary to check with the manufacturer to see if there is any problem with the product itself. No matter whether it is broken or not, it is necessary to do a regular inspection and maintenance of the machine. If some problems cannot be solved, it is necessary to find the manufacturer, which will be more efficient!