What Are The Check-in Turnstile Gates?

- Jan 15, 2020-

What are the check-in turnstile gates?

In many places, in the import and export channels, personnel certification is required. Now, many inspection methods are to check in and out. And the way of checking tickets can make the entrance and exit and check tickets integrated, which greatly facilitates all kinds of work. Widely used in scenic spots, amusement parks, canteens and other places. Today, for the application of check-in equipment, let's see what it has. Hope to bring some help to your turnstile gate selection.

Generally, there are several types of AGM:

Three bar rotary turnstile gate: the most widely used, high reliability, solid, safe, can be used in the open air.


Wing gate type turnstile gate machine: commonly known as fast passage, beautiful and generous, with the possibility of tailgating, easy to trap people;

Swing gate type turnstile gate: commonly known as fast channel, beautiful and generous, with the possibility of tailgating;

Vertical half height rotary turnstile gate machine: simple, elegant and suitable for office building

Full height rotary turnstile gate: it is the most strict obstacle channel, without legal information, it can not enter at all, even if you want to not comply with the regulations. It is suitable for stadium, prison and other important occasions of football match.

What are the check-in turnstile gates? The above is a detailed introduction to this problem made by the technicians of Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Therefore, if you want to know about other access gates, you can contact our staff and they will give you professional answers.