What Are The Characteristics Of Food Metal Detector?

- Sep 09, 2019-

Food metal detector is a kind of equipment for detecting metal foreign bodies (including metal debris, metal debris, irregular metal debris, etc.) in mixed products. It has a wide range of applications, including food raw materials, fresh meat products, chemical raw materials, clothing shoes, pastries and other industries.


This metal detection equipment has many different specifications to meet the needs of users in different industries, such as aquatic products, fresh meat and other products with high moisture content, dehydrated vegetables, tissue paper and other drying products, but also can adapt to products containing more moisture and can detect drying. However, such a variety of specifications can easily confuse users, so is there a model that can be handled without other requirements? The answer is: yes. Nowadays, a new type of food metal detection machine has been developed. The system adopts intelligent dialog operation system, which has the function of automatic product effect suppression. It can adapt to wet and dry products well and achieve good detection accuracy. The machine can be divided into two types: standard type and heavy-duty type. The standard type can be used in large scale. In some cases, the load is generally less than 40 kilograms, while the heavy-duty machinery, equipped with high-power motors, can carry up to 80 kilograms of products.

Here are the specific features of the new food metal detector, so that you can have a good idea when you choose it.

1. The shell material is made of SUS304 stainless steel. It is waterproof, rust-proof and easy to clean.

2. The size of each part of the machine is accurate, the plate is cut by laser, the blanking accuracy is high, and the welder with more than ten years'welding experience welds it firmly and beautifully.

3. Fully sealed design. The detection head and distribution box of the machine adopt waterproof and dust-proof technology, and the protection level reaches IP66.

4. Removable conveyor belt conveyor structure design, easy to install, disassemble and clean.

5. The conveyor belt anti-deviation device can avoid the trouble of frequent adjustment.

6. The motor is well selected, made in Taiwan, with very low noise, slight vibration and abundant power.

7. The data processing system and control system components of the probe head are all made by the old American brand manufacturers, with stable performance and guaranteed quality.

8. Switching power supply uses Taiwanese brand and has good resistance to voltage fluctuation.

9. The machine adopts the aggravation treatment, which strengthens the anti-seismic ability and anti-interference ability.