What Are The Application Fields Of Explosive Detectors?

- Aug 06, 2019-

Terrorist activities and terrorist attacks are often accompanied by shootings and explosions, and the criminal tools used by these illegal elements are nothing more than guns, ammunition and explosives. The inspection of metal products such as guns is relatively easy to find, and the more difficult to identify and conceal is explosives. In order to ensure our safety, we need to be in the first place. Some key security and zones and inspection organs have added high sensitivity explosive detection equipment - explosive detector. What are the application fields of explosive detector? Here is a diagram to show me:


1. Public Security Bureau, Public Security Department, Public Security Organs, People's Police and People's Armed Forces Department

Public security cadres and policemen severely crack down on enemies endangering national and social security. The autocratic function of public security organs is to suppress, sanction, reform and supervise the hostile forces, hostile elements and criminals who seriously endanger social security and order. Public security cracks down severely on illegal elements carrying dangerous explosives, destroying social and national security and stability. At present, domestic public security bureaus are basically equipped with explosive detector equipment.

2. Train, subway station, station, airport and other rail transit security zones

In the early years, probably in the 1970s and 1980s, airplanes often crashed. Some terrorists dropped bombs on their planes. The plane exploded suddenly after takeoff and landed at tens of thousands of feet. People were basically killed. Since then, people like rail transit have been killed one after another. It is very important to inspect explosives. It is necessary to equip explosive detectors for rapid inspection, so that we can ride public transport safer.

3. People's Courts, People's Procuratorates and other government departments

Courts and testing institutes are equipped with explosive detectors to detect certain dangerous explosives and carry out rapid detection as a tool to assist in the examination of material evidence.

4. Border inspection, customs port

The basic task of frontier defense is to safeguard national sovereignty, territorial integrity and marine rights and interests, strengthen border management, safeguard the security and social order of border areas. State frontier inspection and customs frontier inspection can effectively resist foreign terrorist attacks. They are equipped with explosive detectors as explosive detection tools to detect human clothing, luggage and cargo tables. Prohibited and suspicious items such as explosives left on the surface can be quickly detected.

5. Postal Logistics Express Inspection

I heard of a case of "parcel bomb" and searched for it. The fact is that a man in Tianhe, Guangzhou was injured when he was unpacking the parcel. Guangzhou Tianhe police reported to the media on the 8th that the suspect mailed home-made explosive articles to the victim's address because his ex-girlfriend was resentful of the victim's intercourse. When the victim opened the mail, the explosive articles were detonated and injured. We still need to check explosives to deliver express packages. What a horrible thing it is to send express packages as a bomb!

6. Other key security zones

Other key security zones are needed, such as the recent explosions in Sri Lanka, mostly in churches and hotels. In the face of such explosions, explosive detectors are also needed in churches and hotels.