What Are The Advantages Of Tripod Turnstile Gate?

- Sep 27, 2019-

Generally speaking, the tripod turnstile gate is the most commonly used intelligent access control terminal. We often see them in clubs, scenic spots, supermarkets and other places. And the reason why the tripod turnstile gate is so trusted by customers. The main reason is that the three-roll gate has the following advantages:

1: Three-roll gate is convenient and fast to use: only need to put the electronic card in the electronic induction zone for a slight shake, it can achieve personnel access management, equipment response time is less than 0.1 seconds, very convenient and fast to use;

2. Multi-purpose of the gate: The three-roll gate management system uses non-contact intelligent IC card, which successfully realizes the functions of IC card multi-purpose, confidentiality, no wear and tear, simple operation, greatly improves the practicability of the system, and can authorize one card many times; It can be used in other aspects of application management: attendance, consumption, parking management. Patrol, personnel management;


3: Application safety of three-roll gate: It adopts internationally recognized wireless transmission channel, which has no radiation damage to human body and can be used safely.

4, advanced technology: adopt the most popular wireless network management system at present.

5. It is convenient to expand the capacity of the gate to improve its practicability: the computer and intelligent management system adopt wireless communication mode, and can expand the number of channels at will. That is, when the corresponding control system is installed, if the number of intelligent channel gates and elevator control equipment needs to be increased, the hardware only needs to increase the corresponding intelligent channel gates, and the software can set up the new equipment.

6. Off-line operation of three-roll brake: Intelligent channel brake adopts wireless transmission mode of telecommunication base station, completely off-line operation, transmission distance can reach several kilometers according to requirements, the fastest data transmission can reach 100M/S, which is several times or even tens of times of the quality of industrial serial port transmission;

7. Data transmission security: The transmission mode supports two-way handshake protocol, which ensures the security and stability of data transmission. Encrypted information can be set freely in the transmission process, and your data security can be maximized.

8. Three-roll gate is easy to maintain, economical and practical: no wiring, support 24-hour real-time monitoring, greatly reduce your expenses;

9. Flexibility of management: the right of access can be set freely by software, loss reporting, cancellation and increase the right of access;

10. Three-roll gate is simple and easy to use: Existing access control managers need only simple training to be able to work, maintenance personnel can find the fault through simple steps, can quickly and easily remove, simple and convenient maintenance;