What Are The Advantages Of Aoteng Brand X-ray Baggage Scanner Security Machine?

- Jun 05, 2019-

Choosing aoteng brand x-ray baggage scanner security inspection machine mainly includes the following aspects:


First, the technical parameters are advanced: a strong x-ray baggage scanner security inspection machine manufacturer must first have its own core technology, that is, the leading level in the function of the security inspection machine, the penetration force, image sharpness, the ability to identify dangerous goods, simple operation mode, safety protection function and so on.

Second, it has complete qualifications: as an X-ray security inspection equipment, aoteng security inspection machine has a safety radiation license, the Ministry of Public Security inspection report and other related qualifications.

Third, there is a perfect sales and after-sales service network: the best products also need to be able to let customers experience in close proximity, and the best products can not guarantee that there will be no failure. At this time, security inspection machine manufacturers need to set up offices or service centers in various regions of the country. Suzhou aoteng is convenient for customers to understand the purchase and later troubleshooting.

Fourth, market share: aoteng security machine brand must have a wide range of applications in various regions of the country, the larger the market share, indicating that our production capacity, product quality are good.

Fifth, realistic propaganda and introduction: integrity is the most important standard for people to do things. From his various customer cases, we can see that he uses customers all over the army, police and public prosecution law companies.