What Airframe Materials Should Be Selected For Wing Gate?

- Dec 07, 2019-

Wing gate, the emergence of this kind of gate, its most important function is for safety, anti tailing and control of people flow. If the case material of the whole gate is very bad, then choosing this gate has no effect.

Should we pay attention to the selection of airframe materials?

The whole product shape of wing gate is made of 304 stainless steel plate, which is beautiful, rust proof, durable and can resist external force damage. The passage composed of rectangular case and wing gate pole can provide orderly and civilized way for the entry and exit personnel, prevent illegal entry and exit, and quickly control the lowering or closing of pole in case of emergency.


Wing gate is easy to clamp people. In order to prevent injury, it is necessary to make the door leaf material flexible. Wing gate type gate is commonly known as fast passage, the opening and closing speed of the door leaf is very fast, and the contact area is small when people are sandwiched. After using flexible materials, even if people are sandwiched, the door leaf will shrink to a certain extent to ensure that customers will not be seriously injured.

In addition, the door leaf materials shall not burn easily, and shall not leave obvious traces after being contacted by high-temperature objects such as cigarette butts.

Why don't wing gate adopt the same safety protection design as elevator door?

Wing gate has the risk of personal injury. For the sake of safety, many users think of the principle of elevator door safety protection design, which cannot be used in wing gate design. The main function of the gate is to prevent people from entering illegally. If, like the elevator door, the door leaf opens automatically as long as it is blocked by external force when closing the door, then the customer can keep the door leaf for other people to enter all the time and lose the access control function. The gate is a virtual device.

The wing gate needs to pay attention to the selection of body materials. From the above introduction, we can find that Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. adopts the most professional and advanced chassis materials. Wear resistant and rust proof. If you have any questions about the gate, you can call our service phone for consultation, and our technicians will give you professional answers.