WalkThrough Metal Detector Safety Gate

- Jun 21, 2019-

Walk Through Metal Detector Safety Gate, abbreviated as:(Safety Gate) is mainly manufactured by the world's most advanced technology of magnetoelectronic compatible dual detection source. It has the characteristics of global original seismic design, high detection accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, accurate counting and good stability. Now it is mainly used in government organs, public security organs, procuratorates, courts, prisons, detention centers, customs, airports, stations, sports venues, exhibition venues, entertainment venues, large-scale gatherings and other places, as well as hardware, electronics, jewelry, military industry, coinage and other factories or enterprises.

Metal security door is mainly a device that can produce alarm when the human body carries metal articles through. It can accurately detect the metal articles carried on the human body or in the handbag or articles containing metal, such as various control tools, weapons, metal products, electronic products and other articles containing metal, etc. It is an effective tool for security inspection and anti-theft inspection.

Suzhou Otten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Portable Raman spectrometer, channel X-ray machine, liquid detector, explosive drug detector, vehicle chassis safety inspection system, metal detection door and hand-held metal detector have been developed successively. The security inspection equipment independently developed and manufactured by the company is widely used in logistics, metro, railway, public prosecution and judicial units and various government units, and has received unanimous praise from users. The company integrates superior resources and acts as an agent for all kinds of high-tech police equipment at home and abroad. It provides a comprehensive supply of police equipment for users such as public security, courts, procuratorates and judicial units, and contributes to the comprehensive security of society.