Walk Through Security Door Shell Is Very Important

- Mar 26, 2018-

Walk through security door shell is very important


People rely on clothes, beauty by beautiful dress. Some enterprises in order to product appearance, use a large number of metal decorative materials to decorate the shell. Because the door frame metal detector is a special detection of metal items, such as a large number of metal decorative materials, is a very unstable factor. Sometimes, because of the wind resistance caused by a person passing through the walk through metal detector security door, the door plate vibrate, and the metal on the door frame and the receiving sensor produce displacements and produce a random alarm. These enterprises are unable to break through the detecting metal technology, will make a fuss in the appearance and fancy features, with low price strategy to attack the lower market. It has a strong anti-seismic ability. When the external force is shaking, it will not be as random as any other security gate, and its LCD display will clearly show the word "vibration protection". The quality, performance and safety of high level users are the main factor, and the price is the secondary factor.


One of the door frame material is also affecting the arched security gate quality important link, because the signal detected safety electromagnetic environment of metal is very small, so the signal processing is usually enlarged several times in order to meet the requirements of driving circuit, sensor level even if only a small displacement, the amplified, enough to cause alarm. So the archway metal detector security door shell is as small as possible in the process of deformation in use for a long time.


The security doors are designed to be independent door frames. The door panels with sensors are thin and long. The thickness is only five or six cm (5cm-6cm), and the length is two hundred and twenty cm (220CM). Due to the installation environment and long time working relationship, the door panels are easily deformed, which makes the sensor parameters and the difference between the factory hours too different, which affects the detection effect and cannot work for a long time. At present, most domestic manufacturers are using sawdust board or high density wood fiber plate gate shell; high density board or sawdust as everyone knows, the wood fiber plate easy moisture absorption, after several months of time will be deformed, dispersed and disintegrated; especially in the coastal areas of the moist air and the long rainy season, buy the security door products in a very short period of time can not be used. Well, the arch security gate production enterprises attach great importance to product quality, for example, the shell is made of aluminum alloy with high strength PVC material door frame. This material is not easy to deform, it will not be damp, and ensure that products can be used for a long time. Its product carrier has no use for ten years.