Vision Of Intelligent Metal Detector In 5G Era

- May 12, 2020-

With the rise of the national intelligent wave, 5G technology will promote the rapid development of intelligent construction of the industry. As a member of the intelligent metal detector industry, will its development also benefit from the influence of 5g technology? The following is a detailed introduction:

In a broad sense, intelligent technology is a comprehensive management and control system that effectively combines advanced sensor technology, communication technology, data processing technology, network technology, automatic control technology, etc. for the metal detection industry, at present, intelligent equipment has basically met these requirements, especially for the equipment docking with the user's automatic production line It has automatic management and control functions. With the development of network technology and 5g technology, it is necessary to develop the data management and real-time data export functions of metal detector. We can simply look forward to the future of metal detector industry. Automatic intelligent metal detection equipment does not work when there is no product passing through, and when there is a product entering through the production line After the infrared switch sensor senses, it starts the metal detector to work, timely saves the quantity of qualified products and the data of unqualified products, and outputs them to the backstage control system through the network port in real time, or remotely controls them through the remote equipment. When the metal foreign matters are detected, the high-speed signal processing technology and filtering technology can timely alarm and automatically remove them In addition to the unqualified products, the microcomputer system control of the equipment can use voice, fingerprint, face recognition, palmprint and other technologies to start the control.

5030 metal detector

You can imagine that if all industrial equipment will enter into unmanned intelligent management in the future, the intelligent dynamic management technology of all equipment will be very advanced. All data and information will be exchanged and processed according to the established protocol. The application of network big data technology requires that all equipment connections can be controlled according to the comprehensive and automatic management, so we can To imagine, in the future, with the support of 5g network technology, we can transfer and process the huge data generated by automation equipment, and provide more complex calculations, so as to guide the development of high-speed, robust and safe equipment, as well as the automation intelligent metal detector equipment.

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