Use Underground Metal Detector To Search For Treasures In Xinjiang

- Jul 30, 2019-

Xinjiang has been one of the world's treasure development bases since ancient times. Nowadays, in many areas of Xinjiang, there are a lot of treasures in Alpine wild forests, and there are many treasure exploration teams. Once they enter the alpine wild forests for one month, they use underground metal detectors to search once, once they find traces of metal, they will be in the alpine wild forests. Where to start camping?


There are 118 kinds of minerals discovered in Xinjiang, and there are so many in one province, which is rare in the world, even more than those found in some "countries". Industrial construction is based on proven reserves of minerals. There are 135 kinds of proven reserves in China, and 67 kinds in Xinjiang, accounting for about half of the country.

There are more than 400 proven mineral deposits in Xinjiang, of which more than 100 are large and medium-sized, which can be used to build large and medium-sized industrial bases. Among the proven reserves in Xinjiang, seven kinds of minerals rank first in China, and 26 kinds of minerals rank first and second in Northwest China. There are not only many kinds of minerals in this area, but also almost all kinds of minerals needed by heavy industry, chemical industry, energy, fertilizer, building materials, rare metals and other industries. This is a very important favorable factor for the construction of Xinjiang's four modernizations.

Five golden flowers with considerable influence in Xinjiang: iron, chromium, gold, copper, nickel and rare metals in minerals, occupy an important position in the country.

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