Use Of Handheld Metal Detector Headphones

- Mar 06, 2018-

Use of handheld metal detector headphones


We use a hand-held metal detector in time, sometimes in order to facilitate or hidden will wear the headset, so how to wear a hand held metal detector headset, Suzhou aoteng electronic below to teach you how to correctly wear?


Suzhou aoteng electronic AT600S portable metal detector headset use method:


Boot toggle switch in ON, Audio/Vibration, OFF in shutdown, shutdown when there will be a short short tone, this is a normal phenomenon, to avoid the consumption of battery should be in shutdown state in the disabled, in the detector detect metal, the buzzer will make a sound, in case of a large object is issued sounds a bit longer, encountered small objects is the voice of the relative will be a little shorter when the toggle switch Vibration, detect metal, built-in motor vibration alarm.


Before use, should first start the test about metal objects (such as one yuan), in order to determine whether the normal work of hand-held metal detector.

Probe plane were quickly swept the human body or the object to be measured, when meet metal objects, buzzer alarm. At the same time, it indicates the luminescence display of the lamp.