Use And Maintenance Of Channel X-ray Machine

- Nov 29, 2019-

Use and maintenance of channel X-ray machine

1. In rainy weather, pay attention to keep out the rain and avoid the rain machine

2. Before operating the equipment, you should understand the applicable radiation protection regulations.

3. If other people want to operate your equipment, they must make sure that they are qualified operators and understand all safety instructions, laws and regulations.

4. Equipment installation, electrical connection and replacement of mechanical and electrical components can only be carried out by experienced professional technicians.

5. If the shell parts, cables or conveyor belts of the equipment are damaged, the operation must be stopped immediately.

6. The shell plate and parts of the equipment can only be opened by qualified professional technicians.

7. It is forbidden to modify or change any part of the system safety. The installation, commissioning or maintenance of the equipment can only be completed by trained and qualified personnel.

8. The equipment can only be used for checking objects, and it is strictly prohibited to use it for checking human body or other organisms.

9. It is forbidden to sit or stand on the conveyor belt.

10. It is forbidden to enter any part of the body into the inspection channel when starting the equipment.

11. Make sure that the baggage is not stacked in the inspection channel or at the exit end. If the baggage blocks the inspection channel, shut down the machine before clearing.

12. Prevent all kinds of liquid from flowing into the machine. If this happens, shut down the machine immediately.

13. The heat sink on the equipment and display shall not be blocked.

14. The system must be grounded before operation, and the main power socket and installation site must have reliable grounding configuration.

15. When the equipment is working, try to avoid standing near the exit and entrance of the passage.

16. Do not let the equipment work when the lead curtain is damaged or opened.

17. Although the X-ray dose is very small, the non staff should try to stay away from the equipment.