Usage Of Trace Explosive Detector

- Oct 31, 2019-

Usage of trace explosive detector

Since the 9 / 11 explosion in the United States, countries all over the world have attached great importance to the safety management of explosives detection. In order to strengthen the inspection and control of explosives, different types of explosives detectors have been developed. Among them, the technology of ion mobility spectrum explosives is widely used in the market, with fast detection speed, high accuracy and high sensitivity. Today, I will introduce the core technology of ion mobility spectrum. Usage of trace explosive detector:

I. power on

First, know whether the explosive detector needs to be powered on to operate. Some explosive detectors are equipped with endurance batteries, which can be used for a period of time without power on. Turn on the power and press the power on button to start up.

2. Enter password

As a precise inspection equipment, setting password or verification code makes the safety management of explosive detector more convenient and not easy to disclose privacy. Enter the verification code or password given by the manufacturer and enter the instrument startup interface.


3. preheating self inspection

Ion migration technology trace explosive detector is based on the principle of ion migration. It can identify substances according to the ion migration spectrum of substances. It needs to preheat the ion migration tube, the core part of the instrument, for a period of time. By the way, check whether the instrument is normal. The preheating time is based on the actual situation of the instrument, generally subject to the parameters given by the manufacturer, waiting for the preheating time. The new style of bomb detection is usually preheated within 10 minutes.

4. sample extraction

A new sampling method for explosive detection for reference

1)Trace small particles: trace particles shall be sampled by gently wiping the carrier surface on the sampling side of the clean high temperature resistant sampling sheet with special treatment, and the sampling process can be carried out through the cooperation of the sampler.

2)Large particle solid or large concentration liquid: for large particle solid samples or large concentration liquid samples, wipe and sample with clean high temperature resistant sampling flakes with special treatment, and then gently flick the sampling flakes with fingers to remove most of the samples. The flakes to be sampled are slightly dry.

5. test sample

Put the sample test paper into the instrument for detection as required. Generally, the detection sample of the explosive detector needs to be adjusted properly. Some explosive detectors will provide explosive detection mode, drug detection mode and mixture detection mode. If detecting explosive explosives, we usually mix the instrument with explosive and mixture mode for inspection.

6. display results

Different instruments show different results in different time. The shorter the test time, the better the instrument will be. Generally, the parameter display report provided by the first factory is subject to the test time, and the ion migration spectrum will be displayed at the same time. According to the comparison of instrument standard spectrum library, the material name can be displayed.

7. Printing report

After displaying the ion migration spectrum, you can press the print button to print the test results. If the limited instrument has no printer function, it cannot print the report.

8. Continue to test

After the general instrument is checked once, it needs to continue testing. According to the times required by the manufacturer, it can continue testing.

9. cleaning machine

After many times of testing, the internal of the instrument needs to be cleaned automatically to avoid the interference of the previous test results to the current test results.

10. power off

After the test, press the shutdown key of the instrument. There is a main power switch at the bottom of some instruments, which also needs to be turned off. Finally, unplug the power and cut off the power.