Underground Metal Detector - People Treasure Assistant

- Mar 14, 2018-

Underground metal detector - people treasure assistant


An antique lover once said, "a day afternoon, under the guidance of the inner man, experienced an experience of picking porcelain. From the original small shovel to dig treasure weapon metal detector, the process is very hard; in order to Taobao, muddy, so. It is also a small harvest, and learning a lot of knowledge. "


These are many upcoming test students say: "the school of art students' exam without discrimination, other metal detectors, only to the use of art students". "When do you become so generous, you have to use a metal detector and a camera, you're not a daddy." "A mid-term examination, but also with a metal detector and shield, I can not copy Kazakhstan." "The school took the artifact out - the metal detector." "With a metal detector, is triumphant, thought it was a sword". "With electronic products, metal detector is not ridiculous; I can't take the coin, not to take the key, cannot take a meal card, unable to wear the watch"? "Exam, the teacher took charge in the metal detector..." "Heard that these teachers today what the metal detector to collect our students' mobile phone" and so on, many people are afraid of this thing, it is still relatively high-tech interests.


Look at the hands of metal detectors now scavengers, high-tech products (underground metal detector) have become popular in many scavengers in the industry.


Even a metal detector can be scanned on a cell phone, and look at the antique enthusiast: "is it a coincidence? Metal detectors hinted at buying points yesterday, almost all of the increase, and of course many stocks have risen today. There's nothing to be excited about in addition to continuous tracking.


So if you haven't kept up with the pace of hi-tech, you can really be OUT, and hesitate to find out. Maybe you need it someday.