Under What Conditions Will The Accuracy Of Dynamic Weighing Machine Affect?

- Sep 17, 2019-

In what circumstances will the accuracy of dynamic weighing machine be affected? The senior engineer of Suzhou Otten Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. analyzed the following points:


1.Ground Vibration

Ground vibration and ground inequality will affect the accuracy of weighing scale

2. Artificial misuse

In the production process, improper use of artificial weighing scale will also affect the accuracy of weighing scale, and even damage the weighing scale (such as sensor damage).

3.Air Flow

For example, wind blowing, electric fan, air conditioning and so on will affect the accuracy of weighing scale products.

4. Wet, flushing or extreme temperature conditions

The suitable working environment for weighing scale is -5 ~40 C and relative humidity is 95% (without condensation).

5.Radio Frequency Interference

6.Products are corrosive

If the product is corrosive, contact the precise engineer before ordering the product. The engineer can use different materials and different processes for special treatment in product design and production, and can customize the weight selection scale with certain corrosion resistance.

7. Electrostatic induction

8. Product spillovers

Above is about automatic weighing opportunities to affect the accuracy of the situation, I hope this article can help you.

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