Troubleshooting Of Tripod Turnstile Gate

- Apr 23, 2018-

Troubleshooting of tripod turnstile gate


Roller gates are most frequently used, and the effect is also one of the best gates. It has been deeply trusted by many customers in its functions of anti tailing and personnel identification. However, after all, this is the most frequently used electronic device. We usually need to pay attention to some matters about its use. Some failures also need to understand the solution.


Troubleshooting of three roll gates and precautions

There are 5 ways to deal with the fault handling methods of the three roller gates. The details are as follows:

One, fault phenomenon: the three roll barrier gate light is not bright

Treatment: check power or fuse


Two, failure phenomenon: there is impact sound when the three roller turnstile gate opens

Treatment method: adjusting the strength of dampers


Three. Fault phenomenon: there is a buzzing sound when the three roll gate opens.

Processing method: adjust four basic angle screws of electromagnet, reduce the suction gap of electromagnet.


Four, failure phenomenon: three rollers can not switch off

Treatment methods:

1. Check the control board;

2. Check whether the electromagnet screws are loose or broken.

3. Check the three roll brake actuation plate. At this time, the input port of the drive board can be short (1# gate or 2# gate input). If the solenoid valve or the green light responds, it will be normal.


Five, failure phenomenon: three roll lock manual not up rod

Treatment methods:

1, check whether the blackout rod electromagnet can absorb the iron block.

2. Is there an DC12V power supply for the electromagnet of the power off pole?

3, check whether the electromagnetic device of the power off pole is attached to the spring leaf in the turntable, if so, the entire device is moved up so that the two parts do not touch.


Precautions for the use of three roller door:

1. Please swipe the card outside the yellow line. The gate opens to the position and has directions indicating the arrow to enter. In the course of walking, do not stay in the channel or return.


2, in the process of passing, please do not follow into the passageway, nor can you squeeze the card to squeeze the card, so as not to cause the phenomenon that the card does not open.


3, when you see the gate is in position, please do not forget to swipe your card.


4, maintenance work, cleaning the dust inside the chassis, mechanical connections and lubricants to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


5, please do not destroy the brake machine (artificial damage is not within the scope of warranty).


The troubleshooting of the three - roll brake machine and the matters needing attention. From the above introduction, we can find that the use of three roller gates is very common, and is also trusted by customers. In normal times, we need to maintain three roller gates. Moreover, we can have a clear idea of some simple faults. Therefore, if you still have questions, you can call the hotline: 013656250456, our staff will give you the most professional answers to your questions.