Troubleshooting Method Of Conveyor Belt Of Baggage X-ray Scanner Security Machine

- Feb 07, 2018-

Troubleshooting method of conveyor belt of baggage x-ray scanner security machine


Fault 1: the conveyor belt cannot run forward

Analysis of possible causes:

(1) the RS232 line is not connected.

(2) the electronic controller is damaged.

(3) damage of starting capacitance.

(4) the cable is loosened.

(5) damage of the electric roller.

(6) the conveyor belt is stuck.

Exclusion methods:

(1) correctly connect the RS232 line.

(2) replace the electronic controller.

(3) replace the starting capacitor.

(4) check the cable connection and re tighten the cable.

(5) replace the electric roller.

(6) adjust the conveyor belt.


Fault 2: conveyor belt ceaselessly

May cause analysis:

(1) the electronic controller is damaged.

(2) CPU board

Exclusion methods:

(1) replace the electronic controller.

(2) restart the industrial control machine.