Troubleshooting Method And Solution For The Power Failure Of The Walk-through Type Baggage X-ray Scanner Safety Inspection Machine

- Feb 07, 2018-

Troubleshooting method and solution for the power failure of the walk-through type baggage x-ray scanner safety inspection machine

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Fault 1: the system is unable to power up

May cause analysis:

(1) whether the local power supply is correct.

(2) the keyless switch or the key switch is not put on.

(3) fuse the fuse.

(4) the circuit breaker is located at the disconnected position.

(5) the emergency stop switch is in the lock state.

(6) damage of AC contactor.

(7) the terminal wiring is loosened.

Exclusion methods:

(1) check the local power supply to meet the range of 220+10%/-15%V, 50 + 3Hz.

(2) insert the key switch and rotate clockwise to the connection position.

(3) replace a new fuse.

(4) close the circuit breaker.

(5) the clockwise rotation of the emergency stop button for the reset.

(6) change the AC contactor.

(7) check the wiring and reconnect.

Note: before the system is charged, the equipment is confirmed to be normal.