Tripod Turnstile Features ---turnstile Gate Manufacturers Suzhou Aoteng Technology

- Mar 20, 2018-

Tripod turnstile features ---turnstile gate manufacturers Suzhou aoteng Technology


Three roller gates are in life can be seen everywhere, such as some shopping malls is the use of the three roller gate use pedestrian gate is more and more cannot do without three roller gates, so we characteristics of turnstile gates, tripod turnstile gate function should be to understand the following with three roll gate factory home Xiaobian a look at what are the characteristics of turnstile gates.


Tripod turnstile gates use:

for system selection of non touch type IC card, also called radio frequency card, IC card successfully handled multipurpose, confidentiality, no wear, simple operation, greatly improves the practicability of the system, and on a card can be used repeatedly for authorization, other aspects of the use of management. Such as attendance, consumption, parking management, patrol personnel. Three roller sluice convenient and quick: only need to put the card in the light of the induction area, then the personnel can be completed in and out, the equipment is less than 0.1S at the time.


Three roller turnstile gate capacity expansion convenient:

the computer and intelligent management system select the wireless communication method, can expand the number of channels at will. That is to say, when the corresponding control system is installed, according to the need, if we need to add the number of intelligent channel gates and elevator control devices, hardware only needs to add corresponding intelligent channel gates, and software can set up new devices.


Tripod turnstile barrier gate operates offline:

the intelligent channel gate chooses the wireless transmission form of the telecom base station, and it runs completely offline. The transmission interval can reach several kilometers according to the requirements. The data transmission can reach 100M/S fastest, which is several times or even tens of times of the quality of the industrial serial port transmission.


Three roll gate data transmission security:

the transmission form supports the two-way handshake protocol to ensure the safety and stability of data transmission.

Three roll brake is easy to protect: no wiring, support twenty-four small and time monitoring.


Three high lock security:

in the process of transmission, you can set the encryption information at will, to ensure your data security.


Three roller lock use safety: the choice of the world's approved wireless transmission channel, no radiation damage to the human body.


Three roll barrier gate flexibility: the authority that can pass through the software at random, lose, publish, and add permissions.


The three roller brake is simple and easy to use. The existing access control personnel only need to be trained for a short time to work. The protection personnel can find out the trouble after a few steps, and can quickly and conveniently clean up.


Tripod turnstile economic practicality: low cost of equipment wiring, greatly reducing your cost