Tips For Using Metal Detector

- Jan 31, 2020-

What do you know about the tips of using metal detectors? How to use metal detector? There must be one! Let's let the technicians of Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. give a brief introduction to the use of metal detectors.

If the geobalance model can exclude "mineralization reaction" to a large extent, it has better penetration, stable operation and clear indication. Therefore, this method is generally used when starting to detect a certain low-end.


1、 First of all, we need to know the performance of the metal detector we use in order to maximize the efficiency of use;

1. Before working in a certain exploration area, it is necessary to fully understand some geological conditions in the area, such as geology, landform, electronic interference, etc;

2. For the detected objects, repeat the detection once or twice, and the results will be more accurate.

2、 If the negotiation is close to the ground and the sound becomes smaller, lift the probe, press the reset key, and at the same time, the ground balance knob will rotate clockwise. If the same situation occurs, it needs to be adjusted again until the sound of raising and lowering the probe does not change.

3、 In the actual detection, the operator needs to choose different detection modes according to the specific situation and sometimes needs to use the balance and recognition mode alternately.

4、 Before the above adjustment, press the reset key. After the adjustment, release the reset key. Remember that the reset key cannot be pressed all the time during the detection. In general, we use all metal mode detection, and recognition mode is used after detection, which is why there is a situation where land balance mode can detect metal, but recognition mode can not detect metal, so we must pay attention to this when using.

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