Through Type Thermal Imaging Temperature Measurement Security Door

- Aug 24, 2020-

AT-300TS through type thermal imaging temperature measurement security door: integrates thermal imaging temperature measurement with through metal detection security door, integrates sound alarm to prompt abnormal temperature, and effectively prevents large-scale disease transmission;

It adopts the world's advanced electromagnetic compatibility design and anti vibration design, with ultra-high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and anti-seismic ability. It is suitable for the safety inspection of controlled knives, guns and other dangerous goods and personnel temperature monitoring in various places. It is widely used in schools, hospitals, supermarkets, prisons, courts, enterprises, ports, passenger stations, subways, railway stations, exhibition halls Conference Center and other important places.

Product advantages:

Senseless temperature measurement: it can monitor the temperature of personnel passing through the temperature detection door.

Human body temperature screening: built in high-precision micro 24-hour dynamic thermal imaging temperature monitor, which can scan and screen the body temperature of passers-by round the clock and continuously.

Voice broadcast: when the personnel detect that the body temperature is high, it can broadcast "please review the body temperature" in real time, and quickly screen the personnel with abnormal body temperature.

Ultra high detection sensitivity: it can detect the metal of the size of 1 yuan coin, without missing report and serial report.

Unique flying object alarm function: metal objects thrown from the middle of the door will alarm accurately.

Intelligent resolution: it can distinguish ferromagnetic and non ferromagnetic metal objects.

Ultra low detection height: alarm can be given when metal objects more than 2cm above the ground enter the detection area.

Multi location alarm function: when multiple metals in different positions of the human body pass through the security door, they can alarm at the same time, and can indicate the position of multiple metals.

Metal size display: when alarm, the intensity indicator will show the size of metal.

Power on self diagnosis function: self check the system when starting, and display the test results.

Modular component design: convenient transportation and maintenance.

Product features:

Detection accuracy: the highest sensitivity is in the middle of the door to detect a dollar coin, there will be no missing and serial reports. More than 150 grams of copper, aluminum, zinc and other precious metals or controlled knives and guns can be detected when excluding the influence of belt buckles, leather shoes, brassieres and other articles.

Anti interference Design: according to the surrounding environment, the frequency is automatically set to avoid interference when the machine is turned on. When multiple doors work side by side, they are close to each other, and the detection performance is not significantly affected.

Location display: the product is divided into 12 defense areas, and suspicious objects can be accurately displayed in each area.

Frequency setting: 11 kinds of frequencies can be set automatically, different ring tones can be set for different frequencies, or the frequency can be set manually, 7000-8999hz can be set arbitrarily.

Sensitivity adjustment: the sensitivity can be adjusted according to the needs, with a total of 1000 levels of sensitivity.

Statistics: the number of people passing through and alarming can be accurately detected by bilateral thermal imaging.

Three side positioning lights: three sides of the door are equipped with LED lights, which can directly display the area where the prohibited articles are located through the positioning lights, and the viewing angle can reach 360 degrees

Sound and light alarm: 9 types of alarm sound can be selected, each model has 8-level tone adjustable, alarm time can be adjusted.

Panel display: LCD display, Chinese and English menu switching.

Shock proof design: the world's original shock proof design, in the wind or shaking will not be false alarm.

One key setting: built in intelligent chip, it can store recommended detection sensitivity setting value in various places, which is convenient for users to select quickly.

Material of door body: HPL material is used on the surface, which is the same as imported brand material. It is beautiful, generous, fireproof, anticorrosive, moisture-proof and anti-collision, and does not deform.

Remote control operation: use the remote controller to set the parameters, and the parameters can be protected by password, which can not be operated by unauthorized personnel.

Network management (optional): reserved communication interface, which can be connected with computer, camera, three rollers, etc., monitor and count the detection situation, and adjust the parameters of security gate.

Safety protection: in line with international safety standards, it is harmless to cardiac pacemaker wearers, pregnant women and magnetic media.