Three Cores Of Explosion-proof And Security In Railway Stations

- Jul 01, 2019-

1. Walk through security Gate: The role of metal detector security gate is to control the shape and weight of metal by setting the initial value of security gate. When the metal carried by the person passing through the security gate exceeds the set weight, quantity or shape of the metal object, which is inconsistent with the data of the pre-equipment, the alarm of the security gate will be triggered. In order that the security personnel can discover the metal articles that the person carries in time.


2. X-ray security inspection and detection system: When baggage packages are transported to the inspection box through the conveyor belt, X-ray security inspection and detection system will carry out X-ray scanning, and generate X-ray images in the video display equipment of security personnel. This technology makes use of computer arithmetic rules to compare the current objects with dangerous goods or explosives. If security personnel find suspicious items through screen display, they must deal with them according to the dangerous goods solution.

3. Drugs and Explosives Detection System: It is a kind of detector based on ion migration spectroscopy. It detects each substance according to its unique molecular structure vibration spectrum, without opening the outer package of the detected substance. When explosives or drugs are found, the instrument automatically sends prompts to remind security personnel to make further hazard determination and problem solving.

Of course, the above three or two technologies are considered very reasonable by the inspectors. For the emerging "naked scanner", many people think that the detector is unreasonable. Although its technology is advanced, it can clearly see the other side's body without broadband undression. Although this saves greatly the detection time and success rate, it is controversial on the issue of privacy.


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