There Is Still A Big Market For Body Temperature Security Doors

- Oct 14, 2020-

There is still a big market for body temperature security doors

As the weather gradually turns cooler, the new crown epidemic has become more serious, and the prevention and control of the epidemic has become more and more severe. Looking at the new crown epidemic at home and abroad, the situation of foreign epidemics is still very serious, especially in the United States and India, which appear daily. There are a lot of new people, and the domestic epidemic is relatively stable, but there will still be small-scale outbreaks. For example, a certain hospital in Qingdao recently has some new crown patients. In the previous stage, small-scale outbreaks occurred in Beijing, Dalian and Xinjiang. Therefore, prevention and control of mutual infection is very important, and a large-scale census of accounting and testing is also very important. It is also important for people to consciously abide by the prevention and control measures and regulations during the epidemic. It is also necessary to install corresponding temperature security gates in some places with a large flow of people. For example, in hospitals, stations, subways, airports, government departments and other places, it is very important to configure non-contact infrared thermal imaging body temperature security gates. Temperature screening can be carried out on a large scale. The security gates will alert if the body temperature is abnormal. Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The thermal imaging body temperature security gate developed and produced by the company has been loved by customers since it was put into the market. The products are sold well at home and abroad. The following briefly introduces the characteristics of the product:


Basic parameter information of thermal imager:

Sensor: Uncooled focal plane

Detection distance: 1-2 meters

Field of view: 30°C for horizontal and vertical angles

Temperature range: 32℃ to 43℃

Accuracy: ≤0.4℃

Sub-plate: 0.1℃

Temperature measurement response time: 1 second

Thermal imaging pixels: 160*120

Display staging rate: 320*240

Applicable ambient temperature: 15℃ to 35℃

Applicable environmental humidity: <90%RH (non-cold reduction)

common problem:

Thermal imaging camera test data is not accurate, some 34℃, some 36℃

Answer: After the first installation is completed, you need to turn on the device for 30 minutes to calibrate. If the device is turned on without heating, the calibration will cause the temperature to rise during use and report to the supervision. According to relevant information, the normal temperature of forehead and dangerous part (about 33℃--36℃ depending on the environment)