The Use Of Walk-through metal detector security check doors

- Mar 07, 2018-

The use of walk-through metal detectors safety inspection door


With the rapid development of economy, the needs to the walk through security gate is more and more big, has not been confined to the station, the airport and other places, now many private places are in use, such as some advanced venue, factory gate, public places and bars, so I have for the correct use of the method of door frame metal detector is to understand? Suzhou aoteng electronic will introduce you the most details of arch metal detectors use method!


First of all, in order to avoid the impact of small portable metal objects such as rings, keys and buckles on the actual metal objects detected, we should adjust them according to the following steps.


1, select a small metal sample, the sample as the security door does not detect the warning limits, such as a string of keys.


2, set the sensitivity higher, let the metal sample through the security door, and can send out the alarm sound.


3, properly reduce the sensitivity. Once again, let the sample pass through the security check door, if there is still the alarm sound, it will reduce the sensitivity again. Until the sample is passed, it will not set the alarm until it passes, so the sensitivity of each location can be set from 0-99.


4, if we only need to change the sensitivity of a location, we can change the value of the area. If we want to change the overall sensitivity of the security gate, we need to change the value of the seventh zone.


5, if you need to detect very small metal objects, all metal objects which inspectors carry such as mobile phone, keys and metal accessories must be taken out through the chute beside the gate, if there is alarm, security personnel can according to the location indicator tips, auxiliary examination for hand-held metal detectors.