The Use Of The Entrance Guard In The Work Of The Intelligent Building Office Company

- Mar 20, 2018-

Intelligent office building area and other places, access control systems are essential, installation of access control exactly what benefits? Access control, as the name suggests is the "access door", Altium technology is committed to intelligent access control system of R & D and production, years of experience, worthy of your trust.


The use of the entrance guard in the work of the intelligent building office company:


On the door device access control can effectively obstruct the foreign salesman into the company disrupting work order, also can effectively obstruct the foreign Xianzarenyuan enter the company, ensure the security of industry. The company and the employee can manifest and Progressive Corp for level, enterprise image. Can effectively track the worker is not capable of supporting. After leaving his post attendance management software, attendance, without purchasing the clock, the attendance results more objective and fair, and has fast calculation speed and precision, which can greatly reduce the work intensity of personnel and workload.


To deal with some useful staff leaves from worry of having to replace the key to the front door. No one can facilitate the sensitive to the gates of authority and opening time, only need to bring a card, no need to wear many heavy keys and security key than more people centering.


The device access control system on the office door of the company leader can ensure that the materials and documents of the leading office will not be seen by others, and can give a safer and quiet private environment.


In the development technology part, the device access control system can ensure that the central technology materials are not easy to be stolen by outsiders, and prevent other workers from going to the development department to influence the development work.


In the financial part, the access control system can guarantee the security of the assets and the security of the company's financial materials.


In the production workshop door device access control system, can effectively block unauthorized people into the production workshop, which prevent security risks.