The Use Of Food Metal Detector

- Nov 27, 2019-

The use of food metal detector

The process from the input of raw materials to the output of finished products needs to go through many different links. In each stage of food production and processing, food metal detector is used to eliminate metal foreign matters. The following gives the specific use of each food metal detector.

1. Raw material storage

In the raw material storage stage, the food metal detector can be used to detect the metal mixed in the raw material, and prevent the metal foreign matters mixed in the raw material from damaging the production equipment, and ensure that the subsequent process is not affected. The production line must be designed to allow powder or granular raw materials to pass through; when detecting liquid substances, the pipeline type metal detector shall be used, and the smaller the diameter is, the better according to the product characteristics. When testing, generally the temperature of the raw material to be tested should be kept at a low level as far as possible, and it is better if it is completely frozen.

2. Production link

In the production process, the food metal detector can be used to detect the mixed metal foreign matters in the process: screws and nuts on the production equipment, tool fragments, metal dust generated in the operation, rust, metal equipment fragments, staples, workers' earrings, rings and needles, etc. It can prevent the influence of packaging materials and improve the utilization rate of packaging materials, especially when using aluminum film packaging materials with high cost or adding deoxidizer. The production line should be designed in a way that allows objects to pass longitudinally.


3. Single packaging

After the single packaging of the product, the test can generally obtain a better detection accuracy (sensitivity). In addition, we need to pay attention to the following points: when testing the products packaged with aluminum foil, we must choose the model of relevant food metal detector dedicated to aluminum foil packaging, and the aluminum foil material packaging products should use the aluminum film packaging metal detector.

4. Multiple packaging and transportation links

The metal test in the last step before shipment can effectively avoid the screws, nuts, etc. that may fall in after the single packaging line. In a word, in order to prevent the products containing metal pollutants from being transported to the next production link, the relevant departments of the enterprise must consider the following points when using the food metal detector:

A) select the food metal detector suitable for the current production line and improve its use conditions;

B) in order to obtain good metal detection effect, before the production line is established, the appropriate installation point shall be evaluated and selected first;

C) the smaller the tested object, the better;

D) the food metal detector needs to set and confirm the relevant parameters before use;

E) operate the food metal detector correctly and maintain it regularly.

The relevant departments of major food production enterprises must train the relevant personnel who often operate the machine in the future, such as the use of the food metal detector, so that they can understand the corresponding knowledge in detail, and make sufficient preparations for the follow-up better work.