The Ten Major Inventions: Xray - Topped

- Mar 26, 2018-

The ten major inventions: Xray - topped


X radiation is a kind of high frequency electromagnetic radiation. X light can penetrate solids and have a very wide range of applications in medicine, archaeology and astronomy. The German physicist WilhelmConradRontgen first discovered the new ray and labeled it as "X", which means it is an unknown ray. This discovery gave him the first Nobel prize in his life in 1901.


Deputy director of the science museum Medical Museum of Katie Maggs (KatieMaggs) said: "see the development of the X - incredible approved by the public in the museum for the centennial celebration, I feel very excited. X light has fundamentally changed our views and understanding of the world, especially our bodies. "


British culture secretary Ben Brad Shaw (BenBradshaw) said: "this kind of game, let Apollo 10 spacecraft with the Stephenson rockets PK, with the double helix structure of DNA and Ford T PK car, certainly will cause a lot of controversy."


The following is a list of the ten great inventions of:


1, X machine; 2, penicillin (penicillin); 3, the double helix structure of DNA; 4, Apollo 10 lunar module; 5, the V2 rocket engine; 6, the Stephenson Rockets; 7 and PilotACE, the UK's first generation computer; 8, a steam engine; 9, Ford T cars; 10, telegraph.