The Temperature Measurement Walk Through Metal Detector Is Very Convenient For People To Pass Through Safely

- Jul 22, 2020-

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, enterprises of all sizes have entered the stage of returning to work in an all-round way. However, the prevention and control of the epidemic situation must not be taken lightly. "Strictly guard against everyone's responsibility, pledge to guarantee zero epidemic situation of the unit", the temperature measurement walk through metal detector gate has high-precision detection, reduces labor costs, bilateral colleagues detection can improve the traffic efficiency, spacious atmosphere "people and things" pass unimpeded, modular design, multi-channel arbitrary combination.

Compared with the hand-held thermometer, the temperature measurement speed of the walk through metal detector gate is faster. The use of the temperature measurement walk through metal detector gate allows the personnel to complete the temperature detection before the security door, When measuring body temperature, there is no need to stay. Through the security check, through the temperature, you can measure hundreds of people in a minute. In densely populated areas, it can improve the work efficiency of security inspection and medical staff, and play an important role in epidemic prevention and control!

Metal detection mode: when carrying more than the limit of metal through the security gate, the system will sound and light alarm.


1. It is required that the user's normal walking habits should not be changed. The normal speed of passing the security check should be less than 1.2 seconds. Under the condition of fast running and extremely slow moving, it can accurately judge whether or not to carry contraband. The detection accuracy rate is more than 95%.

2. Alarm mode: the detection door panel is equipped with alarm lamp, alarm bell and volume button. The alarm light will be turned on when the inspected person carries a mobile phone, and the alarm bell will ring. The volume button can adjust the alarm sound.

3. The system can embed the alarm software into the door body with 2.8-inch high-definition LCD Alarm location display. It can directly display the specific location of the alarm items through the virtual portrait directly on the door body. At the same time, the remote computer connection can be realized to realize the double screen alarm monitoring mode of the door body and the remote duty room computer.

4. The system can be equipped with computer alarm software system, which can realize double screen display, and can directly display the specific location of alarm items through virtual portrait on the computer, so as to realize remote monitoring.

5. The system meets the international safety standards, and will not emit any detected radiation to the tested personnel; it meets the CE / EMC electromagnetic radiation standard, and is harmless to the pacemaker wearer, pregnant woman, floppy disk, film, video tape, etc.

Detection area:

According to the basic structure of human body, it is divided into six overlapping network detection areas. The position of metal objects can be accurately determined by interactive transmitting and receiving. By eliminating the weak and blind areas in the detection area, the sensitivity is higher and the performance is more stable. Double side infrared scanning can quickly capture the induction signal, eliminate the detection error caused by the induction lag when the human body passes through, and automatically count the number of people passing through. The six main detection areas are equipped with 200 level sensitivity program, and the possible position, volume, weight and size of metal objects can be preset according to the actual use conditions for appropriate sensitivity adjustment.

Alarm mode:

It has a variety of choice of sound and light alarm mode, easy to identify. The sound and light alarm can accurately judge the position of metal objects through the super bright LED lights on the panel area; the LED door post lights are installed on the two sides of the door body, which can visually see the alarm location, and help the inspectors quickly find the location of prohibited goods. Alarm indication: 1-25s alarm time and 200 level sensitivity can be adjusted. Both sides of the door post can directly display the alarm location through LED column lights, and accurately display the prohibited articles hidden in the corresponding height of human body;

Regional sensitivity:

The highest sensitivity can detect the metal content object with the size of one yuan. It can be adjusted between 200 levels of sensitivity, and each location regulator can be adjusted to the appropriate sensitivity according to the detection requirements. At the same time, the overall sensitivity can be adjusted separately. Preset the weight, volume, size, position of metal articles, exclude false alarms of personal items such as keys, jewelry, zippers, buttons, coins, mobile phones, etc., and detect contraband items such as controlled knives and guns.