The Running Principle Of The Walk Through Metal Detector Security Door And The Method Of Repairing The Basic Fault In Time

- Mar 12, 2018-

The running principle of the walk through metal detector security door and the method of repairing the basic fault in time


Running Principle of security check gate

First, the principle of walk-through check gate is the sine oscillation of 3.5-4.95M generated by the crystal oscillator. The frequency divider is divided into 7.8K sine wave and the frequency divider. After amplifying the transistor and the coil, input the large coil of the door panel (6 zone) to transmit the electromagnetic wave, and receive the 1-6 zone coil inside the door separately. After receiving, the received signal is compared with the reference signal. After finding the change, the output level of the acquisition card is changed. CPU scan the 6 location collection card data in 300 milliseconds, judge the location of the metal and output the display. Metal doors rearrange the original spherical, edge, and less stable magnetic fields into a new stable magnetic field, which means that metal doors are more stable than other materials. This is the advantage of the metal gate: with Jin Kejin, improve sensitivity and stability.


Two, 1, structure door structure composed of 1 large and 6 small coil coil, a compensating coil and graphite. 2, chassis structure


Three, when detecting the work flow CPU detection, a group of infrared detection, the blocked data acquisition card is to change to another set of infrared detection alarm, reset detection.


Four, different occasions, 1 points factory: 1 anti-theft stable installation, the installation of trying to suggest that far away from the high frequency equipment area, to remove the interference of false alarm, report on. The rain and sun, in the outdoor installation, best equipped with canopy and other facilities, in order to increase service life. The installation to away from large metal objects. The avoid metal objects moving around. 2, entertainment (public): stable installation, comply with the requirements of rooms. (stability > sensitivity), adjustment from the minimum sensitivity.


Five, debugging guidance: from low sensitivity to high sensitivity debugging, that is, first we set low sensitivity of the door, we can't detect objects until there is no alarm. Then we can heighten sensitivity in one zone, and we can detect the required items.


The method of repairing the basic fault in time

1, can detect objects: generally easy to guide magnetic metal, that is, easy to be adsorbed by magnets, such as silicon steel, iron, copper, alloy and other objects. However, if the objects are dispersed, such as powdery metal and linear metal, it is not easy to detect. Metal can be detected by a dollar coin as the standard, such as the special customer material, can be required to provide samples for testing.

2, common problems: A: installation, separate the left and right doors, the left (4P plug), the right (3P plug), plug firmly, can not be back installed. B: no alarm check whether intensity constant light, infrared count is normal.


Specific problems:

1: can not start: (1) power indicator light, check the power supply in the box, if no problem, check the safety pipe and the power supply part of the normal connection. (2) the power indicator does not light, check whether the firm plug inserted into the air line, power line is good.


2: IR is not counted: whether the infrared ray is securely connected and whether the infrared head is blocked.


3: alarm: (1) the strength of constant light, test whether there around sources of interference, try to change the frequency conversion crystal. (2) infrared inspection is normal.


4: alarm time is long: check and alarm the length set and infrared counting is normal.


5: pole: check if there is any interference.


6: liquid crystal door water phenomenon: inspection of liquid crystal board is pressed, the liquid crystal panel after the screw loose.


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