The Role Of Metal Detector In The Quality Of Enterprise Products

- May 07, 2019-

The Role of Metal Detector in the Quality of Enterprise Products


1. On the role of metal detectors in product quality of enterprises: metal detectors are currently mainly used in the detection of food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and health products industry. The main function is to detect and remove the metal impurities mixed in the products during the production process. Once the metal impurities enter the magnetic field, the metal detector can detect the presence of metal impurities and generate alarm signals. The system will automatically remove metal impurities according to the alarm signals, so as to improve product quality, improve production efficiency, and protect the brand of enterprises and consumers.

2. Benefits of using metal detector: improving product quality; strengthening control over production process and raw material sources; optimizing production links and improving production efficiency; protecting important production equipment to avoid unnecessary shutdown; avoiding consumer complaints and product recovery, improving enterprise image; strengthening production process control and quality control capabilities; conforming to national laws and industry standards Accurate.