The Related Uses Of The Walk Through Metal Detector Security Inspection Door

- Mar 24, 2018-

The related uses of the walk through metal detector security inspection door


Production type enterprise:

To prevent the theft of precious metals (such as copper, aluminum, tin, nickel) and other raw materials prices rose sharply, resulting in manufacturing enterprises and related industries such as electroplating, hardware, electronic appliances, wire and cable, machinery casting, finished and semi-finished products and parts costs soaring, because of these precious metals prices are so expensive, recovery am, part of a rogue employee can take advantage of, to prevent the loss of precious metals companies, companies find ways to prevent pre, reduce loss of metal materials. Practice has proved that the application of security doors in the factory can be scientific, objective, humane and effective to prevent and deter. This is because the security gate has the following characteristics: high detection accuracy, adjustable and objective, no human interference, no search, respecting employees, fast speed and easy manipulation.


Public places, disco, dance hall, improve security of Public Security:

In these places, many people often have illegal guns and other contraband to commit a crime, resulting in significant casualties and property losses caused by the negative, very bad influence to the society. In order to prevent such terrorist incidents, scientific management and scientific and effective management tools are imperative. The security gate is one of the most effective tools. It has been widely used in airports and other important safety facilities to prevent terrorist attacks. It is one of the most effective security tools proven after a long time of practice.