The Reasons For The Non Emission Of X Ray Sources Of Baggage Xray Scanner And The Corresponding Method Of Investigation

- Feb 07, 2018-

The reasons for the non emission of X ray sources of baggage xray scanner and the corresponding method of investigation


Failure :X ray source does not launch

May cause analysis:

(1) there is no object or item in the channel that does not block the light barrier.

(2) the cover plate on the position of the interlocking switch is opened.

(3) the power plug of the ray source controller is not plugged.

(4) damage of AC contactor.

(5) the X ray source is damaged.

(6) the ray source controller is damaged.

(7) the X ray source cable is not properly connected.

(8) the optical barrier is not connected correctly.

(9) damage of light barrier.

(10) the electric roller has no operation.

(11) the electronic controller is damaged.

Exclusion methods:

(1) a large enough and opaque item in the channel.

(2) cover the lid of the interlocking switch position.

(3) plug the power plug of the ray source controller.

(4) replace the AC contactor KM2.

(5) replace the X ray source.

(6) replace the ray source controller.

(7) reconnect the X ray source cable.

(8) check the optical barrier cable and connect correctly.

(9) change the light barrier.

(10) start the electric roller.

(11) replace the electronic controller.