The Realization Of The Control Function Of The Flap Barrier Gate

- Feb 08, 2018-

The realization of the control function of the flap barrier gate


The wing gate is mainly composed of the main engine box and the active wing board, which is like the eagle opening the wing and the famous wing lock. The wing brake machine is a special mechanical equipment for the control of the personnel import and export. It is also an ideal handling and guiding equipment for high frequency passageway of pedestrians. The precision sensor of the wing lock can truly achieve one man, one card and one gate. How can the control function of the flap gate be realized?


The wing gate is mainly used for the entrance of the channel, and the usual place of use only allows the personnel to pass through, or the crew of the towed luggage, and the disabled people. Considering the elastic characteristics of the wing brake machine. Most of the flap gate passages are used to stop bicycles, motorcycles and other rapid vehicles.


The reasonable compatibility of wing gates is more suitable for the expansion of its functions. It can be compatible with access control card system, fingerprint identification system, face recognition system, visual intercom system, all-in-one card handling system, anti-static channel system and other channels.


The wing gate is compatible with all kinds of access control system, and it can accomplish intelligent channel control and handling through induction Carmen prohibition, biological identification access control, electrostatic test access control ratio and simple docking with swing gates.


Now do you know the principle of flap gate control function? The wing gate is controlled by its own computer control part and other access control parts. It controls the access of personnel and gets authorized cards or other characteristics. The wing gate will open the winged arm, and the personnel can be closed without any authorization.