The Popularization Of Security Systems Such As Wing Gate, Swing Gate And Three Roller Gate Is Not Enough

- Feb 29, 2020-

The popularization of security systems such as wing gate, swing gate and three roller gate is not enough

Mainly in three aspects:

First, the industry has not established regulatory standards, lack of relevant regulatory departments and laws and regulations, and it is difficult to restrict access copying and card stealing;

Second, the low-end access control technology in the industry has high transparency, and access control enterprises have different advantages and disadvantages. Many companies that do not have the ability of product research and development also sell access control systems. The quality of products is not guaranteed, and low-end access cards are easy to be copied;

Third, there are defects in the access control industry's own standards. Although there is a set of national standards for the national secret product algorithm, the popularity is not high, and the sales and service of access control card products have not formed a set of relevant standards.

To improve the supervision, owners can make clear four kinds of choices

Each community has access facilities with different performance and appearance. In order to improve the supervision, the relevant departments can select special access according to the special situation of the community, so as to maximize the effect with the least manpower.


Ten trends of access control industry

Relevant departments should pay attention to the trend of access control industry as soon as possible

Trend 1: the whole industry will develop rapidly, from static proprietary access control architecture to more secure, open and flexible solutions, which will provide customers with new products and technologies to promote their business development.

Trend 2: the combination of access control and security functions will change the operation mode of various institutions and create new advantages.

Trend 3: in the context of rapid changes in the security threat environment, strong authentication technology is particularly important – and should be used for access management.

Trend 4: strong authentication through multi-level policies.

Trend 5: mobile access control function will be gradually popularized.

Trend 6: we will enter a new era of verification services.

Trend 7: intellectualization will further expand to access control applications, and will further utilize IP architecture and future smart phone functions to achieve access control.

Trend 8: advances in printing and coding technology will simplify the card customization process, while speeding up the production of durable cards, and can be released safely anytime, anywhere.

Trend 9: the visitor management system will continue to expand from companies to schools, hospitals and other institutions, as some of the high-profile events have proved that safety and security functions should not be limited to written records.

Trend 10: the application of multi-functional electronic card will accelerate in the world.

According to the ten trends of the access control industry, the access control system in the future will become more and more intelligent. Intelligence means that sooner or later, the community will become safe, secure and reliable because of access control. However, today, the access control system walking on the intelligent road still needs relevant departments to cooperate with human resources management and supervision in order to "fulfill their responsibilities", so we should pay attention to it.


The earliest appearance of networked access control was in the 1990s. With the wide application of access control system, people's demand for access control system is no longer limited to a single access control, but requires it to have access control, attendance management, building automation and other control functions at the same time, and has a very clear requirement for the integration of the system and remote control function. However, the negligence of supervision always leads to the absence of access control. In order to effectively use resources, we can call on relevant departments to strengthen management, and also advocate security enterprises to carry out technological innovation and product innovation, so as to maximize the security of the people.