The Parameters Of The Swing Gate

- Mar 22, 2018-

The parameters of the swing gate:


  • Chassis data: domestic specification (No. 304) stainless steel

  • Chassis: 420 scale length *330 width *980 height (mm)

  • Arm length: 900mm

  • Component: gross weight 25Kg

  • Pendulum arm transmission view: 180 degrees

  • Swing direction: unidirectional or bidirectional

  • Operating voltage: AC220 + 10% V/50 + 10% HZ

  • Drive motor: DC brushed motor (24V)

  • Input interface: 12V pulse signal dry contact signal or 12V signal or pulse width is larger than 100ms, the drive current is more than 10mA

  • Communication interface: TCP/IP communication

  • Pass speed: 40 / min (Chang Kai), 25-30 / min (Chang Bi)

  • The gate opening and closing time: 1-2 seconds

  • After power on passage into the required time: 3 seconds

  • Active reset time after the occurrence of a fault: 10 seconds

  • Operating environment: indoor and outdoor (sheds)

  • The temperature of -15 DEG C - 60 DEG C relative humidity: less than 90%, no condensation


The application place of vertical swing gate:


  • Handling of the entrance and exit of the station, wharf and tourist attractions

  • Ticket inspection channels such as shopping malls, meetings, swimming pools and so on

  • Import and export attendance, entrance guard and expense handling in enterprises and institutions

  • Special channel manipulation