The Notebook Computer Through The Walk Through X Ray Baggage Scanner Can Be Harmful To The Laptop?

- Mar 12, 2018-

The notebook computer through the x-ray baggage scanner can be harmful to the laptop?


I believe this problem many people are concerned about, also belongs to a small notebook radiation products, security is certainly one of them, think of the train station to enter through the security door, whether the laptop can be placed inside the security check, whether it will have what harm to the notebook. Security door with what ray. No effect, can enter, I will take my books back to the N home! Even if put into the security detection of three machine ,there is no point!


Of course, you don't need to detect directly, or you can. It's okay, but it is said that some people will check the contents of their notebooks in person. If there's something not yellow or something, it may be troublesome.


The X-ray machine is to produce X light equipment, which is mainly composed of X ray tube and X machine power supply and control circuit, and the X ray tube and a cathode filament (Cathod) and anode (Anode) and vacuum glass tubes, X light source can be divided into two parts of high voltage power supply and filament power supply. The filament power supply for filament heating, high output and high voltage power supply respectively in the anode and the cathode filament ends, a high voltage electric field makes the filament active electron acceleration to the anode target, forming a high-speed flow of electrons, the bombardment of the anode target surface, 99% into heat, 1% due to Compton effect X ray.