The Necessity Of Using Metal Detector In Food Enterprises

- May 30, 2019-

Food metal detectors are not unfamiliar to everyone. Metal detectors use a "balanced coil" detection head. The designed detector can detect various metal contaminants. These include ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and stainless steel in fresh and frozen foods. Products packaged or not can be tested, and products packaged with metal film can also be tested. Metal detectors have a wide range of applications and have become a major component of many food processing lines in Asia.


In China, food safety has been very severe. No matter how strict the management procedures are in the production process, and the corresponding protective measures are taken to deal with the inclusion of metal foreign bodies, it can not be completely ruled out. Once these unqualified and unsafe products enter the market for sale, they will cause great harm to the health of consumers, and also lead to a significant decline in the brand effect of the company's products.

Pollution sources usually include the following four types:

Typical examples of raw materials include metal labels and syringe needles in meat products, wire in wheat, wire mesh with broken powder materials, tractor parts in vegetables, fishhooks and metal hooks and wire tows in material containers.

Caused by human factors, buttons, pens, jewelry, coins, keys, hairpins, thumbtacks, pins, paper clips, etc.

Due to maintenance, screwdrivers and other maintenance tools, metal cutting chips and welding slag generated after maintenance, copper wire edges after electrical maintenance, inappropriate cleaning or negligence lead to the omission of other items and metal chips generated during pipeline maintenance.

As a result of in-plant processing, when products are handled or processed, grinders, mixers, mixers, slicers and transmission systems all lead to metal pollution, such as broken screen, metal fragments generated by milling machines and foil recycled from products.

The use of metal detectors is a necessary means to prevent metal foreign bodies from mixing into products. Food enterprises, as the first responsible person for food safety, should conscientiously protect consumers'health and their brands, and establish food safety culture

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