The Necessity Of The Use Of Metal Detection Machines In Food Enterprises

- Mar 03, 2018-

The necessity of the use of metal detection machines in food enterprises


The food metal detector is no stranger to everyone, and the metal detector uses a "balanced coil" detection head. This designed detector can detect all kinds of metal contaminants. It includes black metal, nonferrous metal and stainless steel in fresh and frozen foods. The products, whether packaged or not, can be detected, and a metal film package can be detected. Metal detectors are widely used and have a lot of use, and have become the main components of many food processing lines in Asia.

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In China, food safety has been very severe. No matter how strict management process the manufacturer is in the production process, and take corresponding protective measures to cope with the mixing of metallic foreign matter, it can not be completely ruled out. Once these unqualified and unsafe products are sold into the market, they will cause great harm to the health of consumers, and also lead to a significant decline in brand effect.


The sources of pollution usually include the following four types:

Caused by raw materials, typical examples include: meat products of metal tags and syringe needles, in wheat powder material in metal wire, metal wire, broken screen in vegetables, fish hooks and tractor parts material container metal hook ring and wire bundle.


Caused by man-made factors, buttons, pens, jewelry, coins, keys, hair clips, pins, pins, clips etc..


Caused by maintenance, screwdriver and other maintenance tools, maintenance after the formation of metal cutting and chip welding slag, electrical maintenance after the copper material, clean up the improper or negligence of other items missing and pipeline maintenance generated scrap metal.


Caused by the processing of the products in the handling or processing, milling machine, mixing machine, mixer, slicer and transmission system will lead to metal pollution, such as: screen, milling machine fault generated scrap metal recycling and foil products in.


The use of metal detectors is a necessary means to prevent the mixing of metal foreign products into final products. Food enterprises, as the first responsibility for food safety, should conscientiously protect the health of consumers, their own brands, and establish a food safety culture.