The Necessity Of Installing The Turnstile Gate Machine In All Kinds Of Scenic Spots

- Mar 24, 2018-

The necessity of installing the turnstile gate machine in all kinds of scenic spots


Many people are not aware of the necessity of installing scenic spots in scenic spots. At present, most of the scenic spots, theaters and amusement places in China are commonly used for manual selling, checking tickets, manual statistics and other management modes, which are slow, loopholes and difficult statistics.


The main flaws are as follows:

1. ticket: existing paper tickets easy to counterfeit, the ticket staff is not easy to distinguish.

2. people's ticket: the staff have some friends and relatives, human feelings tickets are unavoidable.

3.: when a large amount of fare evasion tourists, some tourists swarm into.

4. staff cheating: the tour guides often take regiments to the scenic spot, collude with the staff, and the phenomenon of buying less often happens.

5. relationship is carried: local residents use their interpersonal relations to bring tourists into.

Now, the use of air power intelligent scenic spots instead of manual inspection can solve the disadvantages of these traditional manual inspection. The input and use of the scenic floodgate can fully realize the tourists' self-service, which not only reduces the artificial cost of the scenic spots, but also improves the visitors' experience of entering the garden.


The scenic spot is not only installed in the room, but also in the outdoor. In addition, visitors to the garden may also sit in wheelchairs, push baby cars and carry luggage. Considering the use of the environment and population characteristics, air power developed scenic gate system flexible, to ensure traffic safety and convenience of the tourists can also meet the different needs of the management of scenic spots: Scenic gate functions of waterproof and dustproof air power development; specific environmental flow of people are custom gates, so that the suitable environment, to serve their own scenic spots; with various identification methods, such as two-dimensional code / barcode recognition, fingerprint recognition, IC/ID recognition, ID card recognition, face recognition and other scenic spots, according to their own situation to choose different management to identify ways to achieve convenient visitor management; professional ticket system, the access control system, can collect data for tourists, entrance management decision analysis and develop the scenic spots.


With the improvement of the living standard and the continuous innovation of science and technology, the tourist attractions around the country have gradually changed from the manual inspection to the intelligent checking. The scenic spot at the entrance gate scenic intelligent Altium installation, inspection of tourists pass, to create Internet plus big data technology wisdom scenic entrance management.