The Millimeter Wave Walk-through Security Door Becomes A Counter-terrorism Artifac

- Mar 08, 2018-

The millimeter wave walk-through security door becomes a "counter-terrorism artifact"


As everyone knows, the traditional security means, such as X ray imaging of the body, make the body by a high-energy particle radiation, has a cumulative effect, there are health risks, and the use is limited; the metal detecting gate, handheld scanner can only detect metal objects, the composite materials, ceramics, plastics, liquid materials such as contraband can not be detected effectively. Security is facing new challenges.


Not long ago, by China CASIC hospitals 35 developed China's first with independent intellectual property rights of the millimeter wave three-dimensional imaging of human security door, that in the end the millimeter wave security door what principle?


Millimeter wave security is a new way to take into account the effectiveness of security and safety of the human body. With the radiation frequency is less than the mobile phone signal, in 1 - 2 seconds of clothing, the skin of all material stash "perspective", any dangerous goods dangerous to carry nowhere to hide.


Compared with the traditional testing equipment, this equipment not only can the traditional equipment can not detect liquid, drugs, ceramics, plastic and other non-metallic objects in high resolution and at the same time, greatly improve the detection accuracy of goods, can reach millimeter, detection rate reached above 85%.


Continuously upgrade the prototype, all devices now realize localization, modularization, improve the imaging quality, greatly reduces the cost, that can make the "anti-terrorism" piercing eye artifact ", the guardian of public travel security.